Container Ship



Veroza Group was founded with the vision of helping our customers in the trading, logistics and governmental industry achieve their objectives and goals, and guide them in the various markets in order to help them getting a better advantage in their specific sector.


Furthermore we facilitate complete transactions and manage the process of sourcing items and products, and arrange logistics solutions with complete oversight of the value chain.

A Crane Lifting a Container

Veroza delivers dry bulk cargo, specialty cargo including IMO class freight.

Our ability to charter vessels enables us to meet our clients demands globally.


We focus on tailored solutions to meet the demands of our clients, which have included PAX transportation into non-friendly environments, oversized cargo, and commodity freight.

Our extensive global presence and network allows us to engage in complex freight missions and support our customers in their efforts to reduce transportation cost and time.

Our trading activities includes physical commodity trading and Bio fuels.

Our focus on operating in emerging markets have enabled us to leverage existing relationships and create stronger ties in our efforts to be able to service our clients.


12 Marina Blvd, Singapore

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